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My grandmother was a really stylish old woman. Even when she was sick and when she got frail, she'd still always look perfect and she'd never go anywhere without her lipstick looking immaculate! It was hard to say goodbye to her because she was such a spunky old lady. I knew that she would want her funeral to be a reflection of her style and personality. The funeral did an awesome job and made sure every detail was perfect. It's never great to say goodbye to someone that you love that much, but knowing she'd approve of the funeral did make the day go a little easier.

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Funeral Planning: 3 Things to Consider to Offer a Deserving Send-Off

One of the most challenging things you can face in life is planning a funeral after losing your loved one. You have to plan a ceremony that respects the wishes of the deceased as well as the family members, and doing so while you grieve makes it even harder. Since managing your emotions and the details involved in organising a funeral can get difficult, this post will outline several funeral planning tips you should keep in mind.

Find a funeral home/funeral director

When a loved one passes away, the first thing you have to do is contact a funeral home. The ambulance/hospital/emergency responder can provide suggestions, since this is the place they will be releasing the body to.

After you have selected a funeral home, the professionals will handle the planning on your behalf. They will ask lots of questions straight away; this is because they will need all the information they can gather to organise everything in the shortest period possible.

Many funeral directors like to hold their first meetings at the home of the deceased as opposed to at their offices. This is considered comforting, since you and your loved ones will be in a familiar location. Other services these experts can offer include making plans to buy and engrave a tombstone or mausoleum plaque. This final task can be arranged later on if that's what you prefer.

Cremation or burial

Cremations are common in Australia. This is because they are more affordable. But, since everyone has their own choice and personal opinions on how they want their loved one's body  to be handled once they pass away, it's advisable to respect the wishes of the deceased, if at all possible. Try to recall the demands of the deceased regarding burial or cremation and follow them.


Another difficult task you will face at this trying time is preparing and giving the eulogy. Summarising someone's entire life in a few minutes is a huge task, and presenting what you create in front of a room filled with people as you deal with your personal grief is tough for many people.

Find the person who the departed would have preferred to speak about them. This should also be a person who is able and comfortable to handle this huge undertaking. In case you don't find anyone, the priest or celebrant can also present the eulogy for the entire family.