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My grandmother was a really stylish old woman. Even when she was sick and when she got frail, she'd still always look perfect and she'd never go anywhere without her lipstick looking immaculate! It was hard to say goodbye to her because she was such a spunky old lady. I knew that she would want her funeral to be a reflection of her style and personality. The funeral did an awesome job and made sure every detail was perfect. It's never great to say goodbye to someone that you love that much, but knowing she'd approve of the funeral did make the day go a little easier.

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Impressive Cooling and Body Storage Units Present in a Funeral Home

When thinking about a funeral home, rarely do people imagine that there are certainly valuable tools which are used by the morticians to get their job done. The homes have a broad range of instruments and accessories each best fitted to perform its tasks. One of the major equipment used by those in funeral homes is the cooling and body storage units which are used to house the dead bodies during the whole stay at the home until the mortician finishes preparing the body and it is ready to be buried or cremated according to individual client preferences. The cooling and body storage units exist in various forms, which include the refrigerated end loading cabinet, the free standing racking cabinet and the mobile racking cabinet.

The Refrigerated End Loading Cabinet 

This is probably one of the most common loading cabinets in most funeral homes. Some of its outstanding features include either the availability of single or multi-bay cabinets depending on the requirement of the funeral home. The single bay cabinets have the possibility of stacking up bodies in a single column vertically when the multi-bay cabinets have the possibility of stacking bodies both vertically and horizontally in multi-columns and rows. They also come with stainless steel trays which are intended to endorse cleanliness. These trays are easy to clean up with minimum effort. The cabinets are also big doors which give room for coffin storage.

The Free Standing Racking Cabinet

The free standing racking cabinet looks like a grid of boxes from afar. These type of cabinets lack any covers at the top and the sides and are mostly suited for use in the cold rooms where the temperatures have been reduced. The features of this cabinet include the capability to install either fixed height tiers or adjustable height tiers. The construction of the fixed height racks comes in various width and length sizes according to the funeral home requirements. Such measures cannot be altered, unlike the adjustable height tiers which incorporate the flexibility or altering the cabinets' height. They are also made of stainless steel which means cleaning is done in a jiffy. Lastly, they are compatible with both coffins and trays.

The Mobile Racking Cabinet

From the word mobile, it becomes apparent that the racking cabinets are not set to be fixed at a particular location and can thus be moved freely around the funeral home in the transportation of bodies. The racking cabinets come with wheels which can assist in movement purposes. They are also designed with single bays which enable them to be manoeuvrable at the funeral home. Another feature about the racking cabinet is that they have 3-inch braking casters which can be used to stop mobility whenever necessary.